It shall be known

I believe in certain things and not others. Fuck untruths.

Believing in yourself.

God will take me where I need to go. I will do what I can. Fakes will invoke the devil to make themselves seem greater than you. There is no greater. There is only freedom.

What is our purpose as human beings?

The only other purpose I can come up with other than pursuing our ideal happiness is to seek, understand, and institute justice — justice, being the keyword.

the Order

I think the world is intended to be the way it is because it is the only way that the story will be perfect.

I Saw The Good Again

I was watching the interview with Bashar al-Assad by Barbara Walters when suddenly I noticed my mind was beginning to change. In my thoughts, I was attacking almost everything he was saying, judging his every move, and questioning his intentions. I knew something was wrong however, because I usually don’t feel this way about Mr.Continue reading “I Saw The Good Again”

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