The supreme court decision has the media in a frenzy echoing that the democratic system is less of a democracy due to campaign finance-budget leeway.Ā (more further down) In other news…it turns out Glenn Beck has had enough. Wait what? Apparently, President Obama is no longer tolerable; he must be impeached. I thought Glenn Beck alwaysContinue reading “AMERICA TODAY”

Most of yall think you enlightened cause you read some good writing, i held my tongue long enough but the anger is still biting, the darkness of the world earns no lighting, cirque du soleil, my thirst was frightening, kicked to the curb in my search for my worth, no ID, excuses wouldn’t work, treatContinue reading

They try to get scheme us, Most rappers want to be us, Look at the silver platters they feed us, Media receivers, sick of you divas, I’m in the land of cedars, prayers for Jesus, Ramadan God Islam in my thesis,Ā  I had to fold the hand cause the cards had creases, And just toContinue reading

The world is strange. I have certain desires.

The world is strange. I have certain desires. Things are mapped out for me. I can’t ignore what I want. I must mold it. Create into it. I have my loves.

Fear and Controlling

They used fear long enough to control us. Now that we know we aren’t wrong, we can stand up for ourselves. No need to be scared, p***ies.Ā 

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