[Throwback] – Afraid to be King

To celebrate this wonderful day, I’d like to give you guys a flashback to one of my favorite songs. Remember, “Afraid to be King”? That sample though!

Politics is so disturbing. I just watched a video of what is the alleged assassination of a politically active religious figure in Syria and it disturbed me. I am still uncomfortable. How could such things be perpetrated without justification? Murder and crime are being perpetrated by so many forces in the world and everybody responsible,Continue reading

Let me make something clear by stating that President Morsi’s hatred for Jews and Zionists is a sham. If anything, its this sort of religious fanaticism that Israel plays on. See America? See why we have control/secure the Middle East? Mr. Morsi, Bassem Youssef is free to do as he pleases…as is Jon Stewart, whoContinue reading


How shall I make money?


perhaps it is like now, in these moments, when you realize that your friends give but a fuck about you, and would rather chase glory, than to be with you, who gives them nothing but kindness and reassurance, pointless assets, to a god like you. perhaps one day I’ll gather just enough courage, to tellContinue reading “deserted”

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