Update: New Album OTW + #RiseoftheEasternSonLP

Been in the studio completing finishing touches on my second album. Excited to share this piece with you all. It will be the sequel to #RiseoftheEasternSonLP. The album will be ready for release in January.  For now, you can purchase the precursor, my debut album #RiseoftheEasternSonLP via @iTunes – http://itunes.apple.com/album or stream it via @Spotify – https://play.spotify.com/album. If youContinue reading “Update: New Album OTW + #RiseoftheEasternSonLP”

Confronting Religious Extremism – Reza Aslan


No system or philosophy or religion or concept is perfect but God. Not socialism, not democracy, not judaism, not christianity — GOD. Abrahamic Monotheism.

Sometimes we forget the horrors of slavery. We forget the horrors of our own suffering. I remember though. I remember very well. Now even, I fear it. I want my truth. I want my freedom, Lord.

Take Everything That Comes Your Way

I’ve had this spiritual awakening recently. If you know me well however you will probably want to say something like: “aren’t you always realizing something dude?” It’s true, okay? It’s true! I am always realizing something. And while it might annoy the shit out of other people – that I’m always having these strange revelationsContinue reading “Take Everything That Comes Your Way”

Whirling in Circles!

Whirling in circles, that is my game, Wining and dining, sipping and laughing! Timing is nothing, but only a name, After this dance I’ll never be the same! This is my happiness, running in circles, Oh, of what else could this life be comprised? But of two of my dearest and nearest passions, Colors, likeContinue reading “Whirling in Circles!”

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