Secularizing the Conversation on the Occupation of Palestine

Secularizing the conversation on the Palestinian genocide, actually threatens the pro-Israeli argument. It has to. Israel, by nature, is a religious entity — despite efforts by any spokesperson to suggest otherwise. Secularizing the conversation on the conflict between Palestinian nationalism & international occupation, deems Israel a theocratic apartheid-state. Secularization, by nature, requires religious & cultural diversity, egalitarianism andContinue reading “Secularizing the Conversation on the Occupation of Palestine”


Libertarian wave in America. Not sure if it’s a good thing. Label themselves crusaders of genuine freedoms; as does the Republican Party which takes us to war and deprives us of individual rights. I am all for individual freedom but I don’t know if Libertarians bring anything new – they seem to echo the sameContinue reading “‘LIBERTAD’”

Obama & SOPA

The internet is at once the most resourceful medium of information and the most misleading. I read four articles about the controversial SOPA/PIPA laws that have been signed into legislation by President Obama and I still don’t get what the big fuss is about. None of the articles I read made the connection between theseContinue reading “Obama & SOPA”

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