Sometimes we forget the horrors of slavery. We forget the horrors of our own suffering. I remember though. I remember very well. Now even, I fear it. I want my truth. I want my freedom, Lord.

Nobody should suffer like this. Economic hardship is difficult. Faith is strong, and its the only sustenance I have. I am weakening day by day, and yet somehow my body is still here, functioning. This is true pain, I feel here everyday. The financial concerns, the personal concerns, the atheism of everybody around me losingContinue reading


Sometimes our uncertainties about making certain decisions, especially about who to involve ourselves with, drive us crazy. These insecurities however are there because we do not want to undermine ourselves and at the same time, we want to be happy. Perhaps choices that are far beyond the path intended for us are those that troubleContinue reading “Choices”


for the sake of that which we are incapable of attaining.

the Order

I think the world is intended to be the way it is because it is the only way that the story will be perfect.

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