PSA: My debut album is coming…soon!

WORLD. My debut Armenian anthemic album of masterful proportions is almost complete and will be dropping THIS November (date & title not yet revealed). This will include show-dates in and outside of Orlando… the music video for “Lavash”, the album’s single – and official “Lavash” merch (tees). The album will be available via all streamingContinue reading “PSA: My debut album is coming…soon!”

the happenings of last week – new album coming from the overworld

Kanye West is about to start a free concert at Yerevan’s Swan Lake

The Problem of Collectivism

If there is one thing I have come to learn to really appreciate it is my individual freedom. It is becoming extremely taboo to tout your individualism. It is often viewed as a sense of paranoia. I have learned to face a fact: most people prefer to rely on others – instead of themselves – for financial/political gain.Continue reading “The Problem of Collectivism”


[REFERENCE ARTICLE HERE:] ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood. All of these claim to be muslim organizations aimed at ‘liberating men from tyranny’. Who chose you and what tyranny are you liberating me from? How do I know you yourself are not a tyranny? Hezbollah is hated by many sunnisContinue reading “ISLAMISM = ZIONISM”

GOP joke of the day: impeachment

GOP’s new desperate strategy outside of radical propaganda – call to impeach Obama. Why? Because he wants to give immigrants human status; because he refuses to be Israel’s complete bitch; because they know he is the definition of a truly democratic, free America. The following is a link of some of the reasons why RepublicansContinue reading “GOP joke of the day: impeachment”


The supreme court decision has the media in a frenzy echoing that the democratic system is less of a democracy due to campaign finance-budget leeway. (more further down) In other news…it turns out Glenn Beck has had enough. Wait what? Apparently, President Obama is no longer tolerable; he must be impeached. I thought Glenn Beck alwaysContinue reading “AMERICA TODAY”


#TheWorldtoCome COMING SOON!

one, by one, by one

the evil of others should be tamed or avoided, said he, the anointed one. Back when times were grey it was I – not he – with the ointment… Believe that, he says, or I will turn you to dust! Like the ashes, one, by one, by one.

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