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A Struggling Syrian

Just ran into some fellow syrians at the Austin airport in Texas. They work for BEATS – RHYMES – RELIEF – a nonprofit organization that fundraises and raises awareness about the ongoing tumult in Syria. Almost a million refugees have been forced to relocate, and thousands of lives have been lost. The cause of theContinue reading “A Struggling Syrian”

they spread lies to make it seem like we don’t have enough resources to be individual dreamers.

A lot of times I feel like people have a problem with God and with social equality. They don’t like to see others as equals. Do they not understand the evil that this brings? Do they not see the torment they put others through simply to display their own vanity, their own lust to beContinue reading

a word or two or more

Scrutinize the genius for your insecurity’s sake.

breathe again

expand your horizons, do not limit yourself, do everything you wish, be free, find happiness, discover truth, eliminate worry, love.

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