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[New Musiq] KRIKOS – 3-Peat (prod. KRIKOS)

KRIKOS presents: “3-Peat”. “Drift Silently” (prod. KRIKOS) “Tread Softly” (prod. KRIKOS) “Birdman” (prod. KRIKOS) Au Revoir, KRIKOS

Recap of the last week!                    

Recap of the last week. Video shoot for The Numbers, single off debut self produced hip hop album Rise of the Eastern Son by Syrian-American artist KRIKOS is underway. More updates coming soon. Purchase the entire album on iTunes at the following link now 👉 Stream it in its entirety for FREE on soundcloud hereContinue reading “Recap of the last week!                    “

KRIKOS – Fox Mink ft. NIKO IS (prod. KRIKOS)

Colours of the Culture.

3.3.15 #RiseoftheEasternSon Drops Tomorrow!

Putting together this album has been a journey. Let it be known that we, Colours of the Culture, have been doing this shit since we were 14. All this time has passed, and yet, this is my first project to date.  This isn’t just an album. This is a story.  This is about a struggle,Continue reading “3.3.15 #RiseoftheEasternSon Drops Tomorrow!”


I’ll never forget the day this album dropped. I was in another dimension. I was inspired. This album performed well. Its critics are caught in a web of infinite skepticism. I bought this album and Yeezus on the same day. I believe these are probably the two greatest artists of our time. If you payContinue reading “HASA!”

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