Danny K – “The Upper Hand” via Spotify

Spotify link below! Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/5vzqjP1sZzmqsO3xUopYWF?si=3E7bCM8sQCq6WSpiZfOT5w KRIKORIAN Records LLC ©

Who Really is ‘Presidential’? Thoughts Ahead of Tonight’s Debate – #Election2016

Bernie Sanders was not presidential [sadly to say – despite many of his ideals being great – if not the best compared to his counterparts]. That is something the American people are struggling to grasp – especially the youth. What is – ‘presidential’? Donald Trump – is not presidential. But for reasons different than Bernie.Continue reading “Who Really is ‘Presidential’? Thoughts Ahead of Tonight’s Debate – #Election2016”

Artwork: NIKO IS x Chazmere – 24K (prod. KRIKOS)

Artwork by Yousef Elsayed – Twitter: @YoustheJuice. Produced by KRIKOS. Music Video coming shortly. https://soundcloud.com/coloursoftheculture/chaz-van-queen-x-niko-is-24k-master-prod-chaz-van-queen

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NIKO IS – George Jefferson (prod. KRIKOS)

From the collaborative album by Colours Of The Culture, ROYGBIV: What a Colourful World ColoursOfTheCulture.com Follow: @nikohigh @krikos88 @thanksjoey @yousthejuice

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