KRIKOS – Rise of the Eastern Son LP


  “Clearly, other people in this business, whether it be consumers or fans, or more importantly, the labels or the media, have the need to label me and package me as a conscious artistโ€ฆThe conscious rapper label correctly applies to me, because I am a conscious rapper…But this industry has demonized the term ‘consciousness,’ andContinue reading “‘CONSCIOUS’”

An Artist’s greatest struggle is against time.

Studio #

So it’s either going to be alone on this piece of shit or it is going to be in a full studio with all the equipment. I’m trying to be vague for the sake of you know what, but anyways. Do I go and push my way through? I mean that’s my fate is itContinue reading “Studio #”

One Love

It’s crazy how much our bodies, our souls, and our minds hate being forced to do what they don’t want. Why does this love forcing us into slavery? Why are so many people content with it? They aren’t. They are just in denial. It’s too much pride, but the suffering is supposed to make thatContinue reading “One Love”

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