Sufi in the West

Album #2 coming this January. The legend of the eastern son continues. ๐Ÿ“ท by Hana Maatouk. Salute to “Kustom Sounds” studio. Stream “Rise of the Eastern Son” the full album by clicking here.

KRIKOS – Rise of the Eastern Son LP


the illusion of prosperity is caused by man’s inability to rely on and sustain himself without the desire to be worshiped by others.


this life is about doing what you want to make you happy.


Sometimes you just have to have faith that the path you are on is the right path and keep pushing.


Who is this looking at me so ludicrous, My mind is a jungle and my eyes uterus, Birth a new vision yall can see truth exist, Earn a few wishes I can be humorous, Funny kind of humor but I be serious, At times I see through hooligans, Let me tell you dudes what IContinue reading “DUES”

The Infidel

There you go, once again, rushing off to make a blunder, Only if you knew, anything at all. No, you’d rather steer close to religion, Thatโ€™ll do you well, you mindless Neanderthal. And yet it is I who feels this fluster, Though it is they who havenโ€™t a wonder, Of truth and this and thatContinue reading “The Infidel”

White Feathers

Your veil makes you that much more, Attractive to my inner yearnings, Oh how I wish that I could be, Underneath that cotton surface covering your head, tracing along your hair, Down your arched spine. I see you in my dreams, Lying on the softness of my bed sheets, Your olive skin against them, DrowningContinue reading “White Feathers”


I debated posting this poem for a very long time. The reason is because I felt it was very harsh. I felt it would give off the wrong message and that it would confuse people about what I believe. But after consulting a few of my friends who encouraged me to post it, I wentContinue reading “Hypocrisy”

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