“Lead by Example” the entirely new album & music video by Danny K coming July 2018


My Name is Danny K (LP) is set for release on 4.20.18 via Spotify.  This album is written, produced & engineered by Danny K at DK Studios ©. All rights are owned by Krikorian Records LLC ©. Instruments: Midi Launch Pad, MPC, Native Instruments, Logic X Equipment: Yamaha, M-Audio, Novation, Akai, Blue Designs. Samples: StepanContinue reading “4.20.18”

Overcoming the Occupation: A Response to The Economic Cost of Terrorism

Danny Krikorian Benmelech, Berrebi & Klor Article Critique Introduction In their research titled “The Economic Cost of Terrorism”, the authors aim to demonstrate a positive relationship between terrorism & unemployment, in that increased terror attacks in the form of suicide bombings by Palestinians against Israeli targets correlate with increased unemployment rates for Palestinians living inContinue reading “Overcoming the Occupation: A Response to The Economic Cost of Terrorism”

Danny K – “The Upper Hand” via Spotify

Spotify link below! Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/5vzqjP1sZzmqsO3xUopYWF?si=3E7bCM8sQCq6WSpiZfOT5w KRIKORIAN Records LLC ©

PSA: KRIKORIAN Records LLC © — est. 2018 Orlando, FL.

Below is a detailed Business Plan for KRIKORIAN Records LLC ©, OBDNT ™ & DK Studios & Publishing ©. Thank you. Business Plan DK Studios & Publishing © KRIKORIAN Records OBDNT Aesthetics http://www.DannyKrikorian.com @mynameisDannyK Backdrop: I’ve struggled all my life through poverty, familial & partnership betrayals, political constructs like white supremacy & ethnocentrism, & religiousContinue reading “PSA: KRIKORIAN Records LLC © — est. 2018 Orlando, FL.”


I speak for a lot of fearful people who are fed up with being bullied. I’m back on my High School freshmen “French Classroom” aesthetics. Real shit, local artists didn’t live up to the hype & should remain in their lane so intended destinies flourish & lead.   Theres poison among wanna be intellectuals, andContinue reading “the woke diatribe — A LOADED ANTI BULLYING HIPHOP PSA FROM AN ARMENIAN in ORLANDO”

Danny K Live at Austin’s Coffee

Tickets: $10 at door Special Guest: Mehsi Music Time: 9-12PM Location: Austin’s Coffee Address: 929 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789 Orlando’s very own rising star, Danny K, hip-hop producer and MC is performing his debut show at Austin’s Coffee on Saturday, February 10th. Come out with friends & indulge this rhymefest boombap extravaganza. DannyContinue reading “Danny K Live at Austin’s Coffee”

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