Blind Populism – 2016

The Democrat-Republican, left-right, Atheist-Cleric dichotomy is a farce. Political elites know human beings are more inclined to “defend” something than to attack it. So they create a delusion of competition between theories, such as atheism and religion, which appear to be opposite, and lets say, communism and libertarianism, or democracy and republicanism, so as toContinue reading “Blind Populism – 2016”

No End in Sight: Iraq’s Descent Into Chaos [DOCUMENTARY]

Thoughts on Gaza

I don’t think peace is or ever was an option in Palestine. I refuse to be ignorant and live in denial and act like it is one.ย I am not a cynic nor a pessimist — I am just an observer.ย There is too much history, religion, and bitterness ingrained in the hearts of both sides, andContinue reading “Thoughts on Gaza”

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