2016: Clinton, Bush & Paul

   Republicans will do whatever they can to prevent Hillarys election.  I believe it is inevitable. The same sentiment I carried during my support for Obama in 2008 and 2012. God willing it will be a landslide victory and yet another milestone in our march towards progressive politics. Jeb Bush is probably the only seriousContinue reading “2016: Clinton, Bush & Paul”

The Church of Hip-Hop

The political, religious & socio-economic conditions of the African-American communities birthed hip-hop, in the words of OG Q-Tip. It was in response to Iggy Azalia’s rants about her role in pop-culture. I don’t listen to her music. I listen to real hip-hop. Take that as you will. A lot of people might try to argueContinue reading “The Church of Hip-Hop”

Clarifying the Qur’an

Modern World Problems

Some people ask the question why. Most don’t. I wonder why.

Part II: Barbara Walters & Bashar al-Assad

As Part II of my segment on the Full Barbara Walters interview with Bashar Al-Assad, which was, to our intellectual misfortune, not aired on national television in its full length, I will provide the highlights of the interview, summarizing key points and, more specifically, those that have been largely overlooked by analysts, the media, andContinue reading “Part II: Barbara Walters & Bashar al-Assad”

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