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The presumption of wrong-doing quite often leads an individual to a feeling of self-entitlement and self-righteousness, resulting in an ignorance of the liberty of others.Β  I believe if there is an ‘evil’ in the world – it is slavery.Β  So who is the slave? Who is the master? Who is the righteous?

Too much on my mind right now. A spliff would be nice. Debating a lot. Life decisions. Friendships. Careers. Kind of tired of irrational faith. Tired of irrational perfectionism. Tired of being limited by my self. Tired of being convinced that I do not deserve glory. Sick of not embracing my sickness, my elite quality.Continue reading

What connects us all as human beings?

Imposing democracy is not only an oxymoron; it doesn’t work, and it usually stems from an underlying conspiracy of colonial ambitions.

It shall be known

I believe in certain things and not others. Fuck untruths.

Africa, France, Colonialism & the Fight For Social Justice

Perhaps if the French asked themselves why fundamentalists are targeting French interests. According to an article on France 24, french judges have suggested that jihadists in Mali are trying to portray France as the aggressor, while France insists that it is merely responding to extremists in the region. The article failed to mention however anyContinue reading “Africa, France, Colonialism & the Fight For Social Justice”

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