Bernie Sanders, Israel & Palestine

I know the dude is doing his best to speak on almost all issues of popular will, would be admirable to see him challenge US foreign policy on Middle East, especially Palestinian human rights. I think that would help bridge the gap between minority groups and non-minorities on the left, that is, a shift inContinue reading “Bernie Sanders, Israel & Palestine”

Rise of the Eastern Son (COMING SOON!)

More GOP

The presumption of wrong-doing quite often leads an individual to a feeling of self-entitlement and self-righteousness, resulting in an ignorance of the liberty of others.Β  I believe if there is an ‘evil’ in the world – it is slavery.Β  So who is the slave? Who is the master? Who is the righteous?


Is the two-state solution, like the entirety of the concept of a ‘Modern Israel” – a farce? Demographics, as well as rational science, as well as religion, altogether, show that Palestinians not only outnumber Jews – they are living under apartheid-like conditions; without sovereignty, dignity, and and natural human rights. The tale is that thisContinue reading “Israel?”

Faith and Liberalism

So hard to keep the faith alive. I have the world trying to steer me away from it and my own vanities. Can I not desire everything? Are not my desires my own to satisfy?

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