Rabbi Michael Lerner

x   This speech was so powerful I felt the need to post it. Rest in peace to our champion. God bless this Rabbi. Free Palestine!

My second album is on the way

The campaign for Rise of the Eastern Son is coming to an end. I am currently in the finalizing process for my second album, for which I have not revealed the name or release date. It will be very early in the new year, 2016. It has been a year since my last album release.Continue reading “My second album is on the way”

The Freedom of Speech

The freedom of speech warrants my personal desire to express social, political and economic as well as spontaneous internal manifestations of my soul.


sometimes you inspire yourself. be real with yourself. this is where I am.


Fake people around me. I try to stay real as shit. Real people surround me. Β I hope they don’t give in. All I know is what I know, All you know is what you think, I don’t think, I just blow, Grow your mind I grow my own.

Why are some things taboo?

Sex, drugs, vulgarity, honesty, bluntness…why are all of these things taboo? Is there such a thing as too much freedom, or is that fear talking? I think it is a mixture of fear, insecurity, jealousy, shame and pride. Some people want to succeed. Others want to be flawless and make others inferior. It is aContinue reading “Why are some things taboo?”

a few given words

I can’t help that I am who I am, A writer, a poet, an artist, a baby, a crier who cries, sheds tears like lies, oh what contradiction you are — a giant surprise! look in his eyes, water will form, smiles will swarm and turn all those leaves like a storm, for believe meContinue reading “a few given words”

He Yelled At Her, They Act Unkind

We live in a world of fakeness, pretentiousness, dishonesty, and shame. Stop looking for my flaws. I already know I’m not perfect — I just think you don’t realize you aren’t.

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