Book Review – Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics & The Great Games by Eric Walberg

Walberg, Eric. Postmodern imperialism: geopolitics and the great games. SCB Distributors, 2011. Recent history has introduced a period of heightened military conflicts, uprisings and contentions. This has resulted in many shifts in global patterns. Competitiveness between empires has intensified and further complicated the quest for understanding the global political dynamic. In his book, Postmodern Imperialism:Continue reading “Book Review – Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics & The Great Games by Eric Walberg”

Confronting Religious Extremism – Reza Aslan

British MP Galloway: I Am Against the Enemies of the Syrian Regime

Syria ‘in a state of complete war’ with terrorism – Assad (FULL INTERVIEW)

Arab Liberalism, Culture & Art

I praise Christianity in our Arab community for their loyalty to social liberalism. Islam is a socially liberal and collectively egalitarian philosophy. This Wahhabi Saudi twist is dogma and is likened to Limbaugh’s Christianity. Let us show the world the truth and enlightenment of intellectual islam; and how it is incompatible with extremism and politicalContinue reading “Arab Liberalism, Culture & Art”

The Left’s Rationale: Foreign Conspiracy

The Left’s Rationale: Foreign Conspiracy This article is a little dogmatic in its perspective. While it is evident that leftist and non-western-democratic leaders in the world are blaming foreign conspiracies for the uprisings in their country, it isn’t exactly evident where those leaders stand ideologically and whether they can even be reduced to one categoryContinue reading “The Left’s Rationale: Foreign Conspiracy”

My Mel Brooks Statement

Not enough time while uttering socialist hymns, Approaching the wind, brushing, warming his skin, Always wondering why society is so controlling, Too busy desert storming, forming methods of hoarding, From playing hard to get to destroying ancient artifacts, Time is a double-edged sword to my solid axe, Warriors in a colosseum, praying for a carpeContinue reading “My Mel Brooks Statement”

they spread lies to make it seem like we don’t have enough resources to be individual dreamers.

Arabs are so easily manipulated. Israel is laughing at all the Arabs calling for revolution in Egypt and Syria. Why? Because these revolutions are farce — only distractions orchestrated by Israel to distract Arabs from the real problem — Israeli expansionism and intervention in Arab affairs.Β  Meanwhile the House of Saud (the entire Gulf forContinue reading

They scrutinize Assad but they are silent about the despots of Saudi Arabia. They criticize Syria but what about the kings and queens living lavishly while Palestinians die and starve and poverty runs rampant. They are so quick to attack Assad, so quick to attack Iran…but why? What of the religious hypocrisy and the crimesContinue reading

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