Political Hubris

The crimes of proud men supersede all labels and identifications with ideas and groups and religions. Reduce the crimes to individual choices, clear the history of inaccuracies. I believe in nationalism and socialism and individual enterprise but not capitalism nor imperialism these are rumors grounded in hubris.

In a climate of fear it becomes harder to question the actions of another. Do not sacrifice your liberty for security. This country’s freedoms must be preserved and protected and sometimes that means exposing people for their ignorance and politicians/executives for their crimes. 

What I’m Learning

Take matters into your own hands.

Syria, the West, and the East

So crazy what is happening now in Syria. All I think about is socialism, christianity, the minority, and secularism. I wonder, what would a Syria without the Assad regime look like? Opponents of Assad are quick to believe that it would be better for the Syrian people, but how could this be true, considering politicalContinue reading “Syria, the West, and the East”

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