In Faith and Freedom

Advertisements It’s about the will to exist, the will to succeed, and the will to do it all piously.

the bells

Advertisements This new picture I posted is really impersonal but I chose it for political reasons. It reflects one dimension of me. I’d like to say I am a little distressed. You might ask why. I might say because of some things like being afraid of not getting what I want. And you might sayContinue reading “the bells”

the greatest injustice

Advertisements is silence?


Advertisements I am convinced that reason, fear and paranoia are intrinsically linked. The voice in our head that tells us to question our every move and our convictions — that, is our innate desire to be pretentious; to hide from the humility of knowing that the heart is where human nature’s essence truly lies.

when all the stars align

Advertisements it’s perfect.  


Advertisements Who is this looking at me so ludicrous, My mind is a jungle and my eyes uterus, Birth a new vision yall can see truth exist, Earn a few wishes I can be humorous, Funny kind of humor but I be serious, At times I see through hooligans, Let me tell you dudes whatContinue reading “DUES”

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