Clarifying the Qur’an

Zionism vs. Judaism

If I get a permanent tattoo on my back saying I love Jewish people then proceed to criticize Israel and all zionist entities, you think I’d have a better shot, lol? Maybe then I wouldn’t be labeled an anti-semite. Separate Israel from Judaism. Separate Judaism from Zionism. Separate Islam from Islamism. Separate Christianity from Fundamentalists.Continue reading “Zionism vs. Judaism”

boils in the depths

who knew freedom would be such a struggle

one, by one, by one

the evil of others should be tamed or avoided, said he, the anointed one. Back when times were greyΒ it was I – not he – with the ointment… Believe that, he says, or I will turn you to dust! Like the ashes, one,Β by one, by one.


The rooters would hate, lest they had one their own, A lofty skill to appreciate as I do my stone, My crystal palace, that hard headed dome, Find it not, where t’is sewn. Upon my shoulders, between this frame, And the heavens, from where came, That lofty gift of imposing fame, My way with words,Continue reading “Lofty”

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