Premier: Trump Card (prod. N Z M)

Produced by NZM. Vox by KRIKOS.

[WORLD PREMIER] NIKO IS x Wes Fif – One Time (prod. KRIKOS) // artwork by KRIKOS #BASTART

Orlando’s own NIKO IS & Wes Fif team up to deliver what will be deemed a classic southern hip-hop anthem, “One Time”, produced by another Orlando native, artist & producer KRIKOS. The artwork, featured above, was also done by KRIKOS as part of his official #BASTART collection, now available for sale online at the following website:Continue reading “[WORLD PREMIER] NIKO IS x Wes Fif – One Time (prod. KRIKOS) // artwork by KRIKOS #BASTART”

Chinese Delegation (prod. KRIKOS) [OFFICIAL ARTWORK]

Pleased to announce the release of the official artwork for Chinese Delegation (prod. KRIKOS) off my upcoming album #RiseoftheEasternSon, mixed by the wizard @thanksjoey & pesented to you by @coloursoftheculture. Track Release Date – 12/17/14. Will be available at & Beyond humbled and blessed to make this announcement. This is only the beginning.Continue reading “Chinese Delegation (prod. KRIKOS) [OFFICIAL ARTWORK]”


Foolish Bravado

Bronze, in the Ukraine for the winter to watch ’em usher in law, my brother, we don’t come from the same mother, blood is thicker than water but thinner than butter,  Meddling in my affairs like Vladmir in the Kremlin, It’s not about where you going it’s about how fast you peddling,  Mama work longContinue reading “Foolish Bravado”


No system or philosophy or religion or concept is perfect but God. Not socialism, not democracy, not judaism, not christianity — GOD. Abrahamic Monotheism.

The worst thing I’ve seen happen all too often over this last year is slavery. Modern slavery. I’ve come across far too many people whose lives are based entirely on the incomes of others thereby leaving them under their influence. Even worse, some of these people don’t believe they are expected to work for theirContinue reading

Don’t have time to waste on petty arguments and disagreements. People die because of injustice. The world is at war.

One Love

It’s crazy how much our bodies, our souls, and our minds hate being forced to do what they don’t want. Why does this love forcing us into slavery? Why are so many people content with it? They aren’t. They are just in denial. It’s too much pride, but the suffering is supposed to make thatContinue reading “One Love”

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