when will all the suffering end? when will peace and perfection and all knowledge permeate and allow for justice to reign? when will happiness truth and enlightenment triumph so that we need not suffer any longer? I just want my peace. 

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You won’t lose shit bein’ free don’t worry. Except maybe that fuckin’ ego.

Fear, Religion, and Freedom

I never understood the hypocrisy of people who act like they do not have desires, physical and nonphysical. Even religious figures have desires. It’d be disturbing to think of those who deny that fact. Wonder if priests touching children is a consequence of that denial. Asceticism and discipline have negative consequences that we are blindContinue reading “Fear, Religion, and Freedom”

vanity, art, and disillusion: a stroll down infinity

when I believe less I believe more, my feelings open and like mist, they cool and permeate the air, around me and everybody in my circle. life is a winding road to endlessness, infinite and perhaps with no answers, I thought I’d find them and found none, yet I still look for some… what willContinue reading “vanity, art, and disillusion: a stroll down infinity”

a soaring dream

Just be your self danny, the icon of a soaring dream, a staunch symbol of the dragon which hides upon your sleeve. Your shoulder where there lay, A kinder version of creation, That beauty called perfection made of clay.

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