Ukraine, McCain and the Game

Ukraine, McCain and the Game

Don’t be afraid to point out injustices because you might be proven wrong. Injustices are injustices if that is how you perceive them. Let them out. Express them honestly and civilly.Β 

religiosity or pretentiousness?

okay so I hate to be the negative norman of the day but I have to do it. why do people think they deserve praise for their religiosity?Β 

breathe again

expand your horizons, do not limit yourself, do everything you wish, be free, find happiness, discover truth, eliminate worry, love.

oh stressful day

Oh stressful day, Go away, And burry yourself in the ashes, The ashes of forgotten days, Lost away to the stashes. Oh dreadful day, Wash away, And lose yourself to the tide, Breath until you swallow all the water, then subside.Β 

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