they spread lies to make it seem like we don’t have enough resources to be individual dreamers.


Trying to balance ganj, desire, faith.

written words

I pay respects to the world’s insecurities, why do you think most of the world still hasn’t heard of me, let me guess, you don’t want to be stressed, earnestly, I’d rather sit back, toke, and laugh fucking  fervently, my vocabulary is pompous, purposely, to be honest, I bought this laptop and headphones to changeContinue reading “written words”

SwagLife Cypher #1 feat. Andrew Floyd, Marlon Ponce, Niko Is, Palmer Reed

  Show me some more love by checking out this new video with all my boys brought to you by SwagLife featuring Andrew Floyd, Palmer Reed, Marlon Ponce & Niko Is.

Niko Is – Blah Blah feat. Drago Barrz & Clayzon Dre prod. Kerry Beats

  Show some love to my boy Niko Is by checking out the music video to his new track  “Blah Blah” feat. Drago Barrz & Clayzon Dre produced by Kerry Beatz. This song is featured on his upcoming album “Chill Nye” which drops on Saturday, April 7th, 2012.

one, by one, by one

the evil of others should be tamed or avoided, said he, the anointed one. Back when times were grey it was I – not he – with the ointment… Believe that, he says, or I will turn you to dust! Like the ashes, one, by one, by one.

mark ’em

Watch them flock now after my fame, Stumbling hastily while scathing my name, Before they would scold me for being this way, But now is new, or so they say. A fruitless bunch of clowns, playing an act, They needn’t search far to get a good laugh, There, in the mirror, being cracked, The finestContinue reading “mark ’em”

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