a man’s struggle for himself.

LE FASCISME Mind-boggling the audacity these guys have. I am starting to believe that they are in fact the descendants of the Third Reich – as extreme as that might sound. Likening Obama to an ape is not racist according to the Right – but then again neither was the death of Trayvon Martin. It’s likeContinue reading “LE FASCISME”


They use lies to protect their ignorance of what is true and evident, and they prey on your good nature to manipulate you into believing they are right. If you weren’t too afraid of what you want you wouldn’t focus on me so much but it’s okay it’s adds fuel to the fire. I knowContinue reading “Lie”

The Journalist and His Companion

  I want a companion to roam the world with me, Hand in hand we’ll conquer each city, And drift into trances at dawn, only To wake up at dusk in the country.   A few kisses here and there, as you hand Me the camera that will capture the world: Children starving, a mother’sContinue reading “The Journalist and His Companion”

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