Some people are afraid of losing their ability to dictate events to their liking so they keep their thoughts hidden. I don’t know if it’s a personal thing, or if it is a general thing. So if things don’t go their way do they merely abandon their friends? Probably. It’s because they want to controlContinue reading

God have mercy

I trust in God. I trust in my path. I trust I will succeed. I trust. What about them? What about the torment? Why? When you need your friends most, when you go to them for help and they tell you something that hurts you more — that is when you realize who is realContinue reading “God have mercy”

God, Allah

Have faith in God. Do not let the doubts of others creep into your mind. Trust in your heart.


It’s strange when people you love show their true colours, And you are caught by surprise by the reality — That among those who are intended to love you; few do.

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