An updated – but still rough – draft of my master’s thesis

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE M.A. Dissertation Danny Krikorian Political Development & Ethnic Conflict: Comparing Kazakhstan & Azerbaijan I. Introduction II. Data III. Shared Histories in the Caspian Region IV. Inclusion & Harmony – Kazakhstan vs. Exclusion & Conflict – Azerbaijan V. Conclusion Abstract In this research my aim is to demonstrateContinue reading “An updated – but still rough – draft of my master’s thesis”

Confronting Religious Extremism – Reza Aslan

British MP Galloway: I Am Against the Enemies of the Syrian Regime

No End in Sight: Iraq’s Descent Into Chaos [DOCUMENTARY]

Re-Mixed Economics

To understand America’s race problem, it’s foreign policy problem — TO MAKE SENSE OF ANY of America’s imperfections, one mustn’t overlook perhaps the crux of the entire system’s mishaps altogether: Socio-economics. When Iggy Azalea recently sounded off on twitter fellow Hip-Hoppers Azealia Banks & Lupe Fiasco got involved. But what caught my attention was Q-Tip’s response, riddledContinue reading “Re-Mixed Economics”

The Trials of Democracy in the 21st Century

Criticism without an alternative is obsolete. Democracy is the only method of government that isn’t absolute. Human nature isn’t absolute. I have no qualms with free speech; I do believe in respect too. I am a moderate and a follower of the Supreme therefore I do not associate with any ideology or religion except forContinue reading “The Trials of Democracy in the 21st Century”

On Obama & ISIS

Most political critics won’t even hold an opinion anymore – they prefer to hold grudges. All the modern Middle Eastern conflicts could bend in the direction of justice today and yet it is almost as if they’d be disappointed – they’d have nothing left to criticize. It is one thing to constructively criticize a political tyrant – it is anotherContinue reading “On Obama & ISIS”

Quotes from Patrick Seale’s Asad:

Thus was posed the crucial question which was to underlie Middle East politics as the decade of the 1980s drew to a close: could Israel get its way without first dealing with Asad’s Syria? …Asad strove to break out of the shackles of the damaging terrorist charge which he claimed in a fighting speech inContinue reading “Quotes from Patrick Seale’s Asad:”

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