“No Loitering” – Photo by Kayla Reefer

Colours of the Culture. Photo by Kayla Reefer. KRIKOS.

The Problem of Collectivism

If there is one thing I have come to learn to really appreciate it is my individual freedom. It is becoming extremely taboo to tout your individualism. It is often viewed as a sense of paranoia. I have learned to face a fact: most people prefer to rely on others – instead of themselves – for financial/political gain.Continue reading “The Problem of Collectivism”

I would say Obama did a splendid job

I would say Obama did a splendid job at the White House Correspondents Dinner. I always enjoy watching it every year. Honestly, every time I see Obama speak, it reaffirms my belief that he is on the right path towards justice.

Imagine living your whole life not knowing what you’re capable of. 

this world is bent on forcing us to do what we don’t want to do. the source of this compulsion is  pressures from different forces within society, such as family, school, work, government, friendship, politics, etc. these forces pressure us to do what is “right”, “moral”, and/or what might please them for whatever reason weContinue reading

All our skills are different. We are all different. We all need each other. 

youth in asia

My pride is rising, Perhaps that is a bad thing, Sometimes it’s a good thing, in this life. When I wake up for a cigarette, Make music they pay for, Love for, cry for, I’ll be delighted then. Remember Michigan? Cold air and grey buildings, misty breathe and my hotel by the mall, the largestContinue reading “youth in asia”

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