I’ll never forget the day this album dropped. I was in another dimension. I was inspired. This album performed well. Its critics are caught in a web of infinite skepticism. I bought this album and Yeezus on the same day. I believe these are probably the two greatest artists of our time. If you payContinue reading “HASA!”


Who is this looking at me so ludicrous, My mind is a jungle and my eyes uterus, Birth a new vision yall can see truth exist, Earn a few wishes I can be humorous, Funny kind of humor but I be serious, At times I see through hooligans, Let me tell you dudes what IContinue reading “DUES”

mark ’em

Watch them flock now after my fame, Stumbling hastily while scathing my name, Before they would scold me for being this way, But now is new, or so they say. A fruitless bunch of clowns, playing an act, They needn’t search far to get a good laugh, There, in the mirror, being cracked, The finestContinue reading “mark ’em”

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