Is Saudi Arabia Next?

The Gulf countries, to some extent, initiated quick reforms to avoid the domino effect of the Arab Spring. Reminiscent of the Age of Metternich in Europe, when serious efforts to revolutionize the continent were being suppressed. Revolution often has little idea of the future, but this weakness is exploited by existing orders to maintain the “statusContinue reading “Is Saudi Arabia Next?”


Had an interesting conversation with a dear friend of mine on the issue of the debate between religion and science, atheism and theism.  While I sought to avoid all the useless rhetoric which leads to no answers – I sought to reconcile what I believe to be two perceptions that are not all quite thatContinue reading “DAWUD”

My Mel Brooks Statement

Not enough time while uttering socialist hymns, Approaching the wind, brushing, warming his skin, Always wondering why society is so controlling, Too busy desert storming, forming methods of hoarding, From playing hard to get to destroying ancient artifacts, Time is a double-edged sword to my solid axe, Warriors in a colosseum, praying for a carpeContinue reading “My Mel Brooks Statement”

A Free Affaire

What is ‘want’, but a never ending torment of what we cannot have? Oh, I die inside, for what I wish to have. A war on the inside,  a war on the outside, that is want. It is the things I want. The magic. The freedom. The innovation. Yet, this specter of nihilism and religiousContinue reading “A Free Affaire”

What is ‘GOOD’ for the M.E.?

What is GOOD for the Middle East? Think about it. Let me know what you think.

Crushing Liberalism in the Middle East: Foreign Intervention, Religious Fanaticism, and Freedom

  The Middle East is lacking strong, secular, liberal leadership. Everything is extreme. Its either nun or libertine. Where have all the liberal forces gone? Let us not forget that they exist, although most religious and fundamentalistic forces would not mind if we did, and that they are currently facing extinction in the Middle East.Continue reading “Crushing Liberalism in the Middle East: Foreign Intervention, Religious Fanaticism, and Freedom”

youth in asia

My pride is rising, Perhaps that is a bad thing, Sometimes it’s a good thing, in this life. When I wake up for a cigarette, Make music they pay for, Love for, cry for, I’ll be delighted then. Remember Michigan? Cold air and grey buildings, misty breathe and my hotel by the mall, the largestContinue reading “youth in asia”

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