Art and Purpose and Belief: this is my holy trinity. 

the struggle

Trying to be rational while maintaining your faith is a task. Many things that happen in this world make us question our faith. Reason is a tool that we use to understand things, including our faith, and things outside our faith. Strange, however, the notion is, that our faiths our doubted. Keep the faith aliveContinue reading “the struggle”

heart pours/then dies

if we don’t suffer, we don’t need God, this pain is like an inch away from being worse, why God, must I ache, can I not reach high any longer? Do I pour my heart and say, The things which on my mind, Do not unwind and just decay, Day by day. Every moment passing,Continue reading “heart pours/then dies”


Preach to the world o Daniel, Proud follower of the Lord, Believer in Compassion, Mercy, and Love.   It is you I’ve chosen, You I’ve anointed, To free humanity from itself, and into my Kingdom.   God is in the heart,  Proclaim His greatness, Fear not the proclamation, Fear not society.   Fear not whatContinue reading “Preach”


Hell is where we go, when we say no, No to the question of: Is He above? A friend gone foe, for feeling love, Love is the enemy; love is woe.   This is negative energy; one Hell of a mind, The fire that burns; one Hell of a time, Hell is no single placeContinue reading “Hell”

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